Looking at this years stats for the internet, social media, and mobile, you cant help but wonder what the future will look like.

This year’s huge 376 page report from We Are Social details how the internet has changed in the last year in-depth. If you ever wanted a single place to get statistics from all around the world, this is it.

global digital snapshot 2015


The company says that there are now half a billion more people online than in the last report, clocking in at 3 billion users and that half of the world is now using a mobile phone, with 185 million new unique users in the last twelve months.

The report also states that social media usage on mobile grew 23% in 2014. Looking at just one of the hundreds of slides, North America still leads in internet penetration but East Asia maintains the largest share of users at 27% versus North Americas 10%.

internet use across the world

Looking at the numbers for the USA, the mobile penetration is 103% of the overall population and Facebook Messenger alone has more users then Twitter or Instagram.

digital in the usa 2015

top social platforms in us 2015

The full slide deck contains more than 350 infographics, including global snapshots, regional overviews, and in-depth profiles of 30 of the world’s largest economies.


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