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Apparel Brand Finds Perfect Fit With Image Share Campaign



The Challenge

Young entrepreneur looking to gain brand recognition for new apparel line in a very competitive marketplace. With tens of of thousands of brand options for the young generation to shop from, the challenge for new apparel brands to allow their styles to be seen can be daunting.  The campaign needed to engage the younger generation through social media and also drive traffic to the brand website.



The Solution

With the Lead the Follows positive messaging and tagline “You can’t influence the world tryin’ to be like it.” , there was additional drive to see this campaign succeed from VMI’s digital producer, Gabe Elliott. The growth if the brand meant not only monetary growth for the client, but an opportunity to make a positive social impact. With the need to reach a young audience, Gabe looked to find a way to leverage the existing strong brand advocates.
The plan would be encourage the Lead The Followers influencer’s to share images of themselves wearing the brand through their social channels along with hashtag #showyouLTF for a chance to win a gift card to shop for free. Woobox was chosen as the platform to manage the campaign. The image would be pulled via the hashtag and posted onto a page of the website. Those that submitted an image would then encourage their friends to vote for their image in the hopes of being one of the top three that win via most votes. Traffic to site, social engagement, and image submissions all exceeded goal.


Return on Ad Spend


Increase in Traffic to Website

Favorite Image Votes

Entry Page

Instagram Entries

Twitter Entries



Success in the numbers




Using Woobox to allow entry via a simple hashtag allowed for a simple way for participants to enter through Twitter, Instragram, and Facebook and helped to drive up entry submissions. Adding the top votes to win feature helped to drive traffic to the website by encouraging entrants to promote the website to their social following.

Here is Gabe’s success in numbers:


41 Image submissions

166 Votes on Image Submissions

50% Increase in Website Traffic

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