Search Engine Marketing

20 billion total search engine queries are conducted in the U.S. each month. Advertisers spent over 18 billion in 2013 on search engine ads.


When customers go to search engines, they’re basically raising their hand and asking for information about your product or brand. Is your brand there when they do? Vision Media Interactive can help you increase clicks, conversion rates and sales – and always be there when your customers raise their hands, whether they’re at home or on their mobile.

Paid search advertising can show a tremendous ROI when properly set up and managed. A unique and successful search marketing campaign can increase business at a very low cost. From existing campaign re-structuring to new account setup, VMI can handle all of your pay per click needs. We offer big business services that fit the budget of your small- to medium-sized business.

VMI Search Solutions Include:


PPC Account Setup

Keyword Planning and Implementation

Ad Development

PPC Listing Development

Landing Page Optimization

A/B ad testing

Bid Monitoring and Management

Click Fraud Prevention

Geo Targeting

Contextual Advertising

PPC Campaign Reporting

Mobile Search Placement

Tablet Search Placement

Conversion Tracking Which Includes:

  • Calls
  • Emails
  • Completed contact forms
  • Literature download
  • Newsletter sign-ups
  • Coupon downloads
  • Find a location or store


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